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Episode Guide
Episode 1: High Speed Pursuits
Aired: October 4, 2006 - Court TV
In this episode of the ultimate 'caught-on-camera' reality show, a runaway crook leads police on a surprising high-speed chase, a robber fires at police officers in a residential area and a fugitive steals the family RV, but his wild escape goes up in flames. All this plus a cop who has only one chance to successfully bring a crazed high-speed driver down. TV-14 V

Episode 2: Criminal Behavior
Aired: October 11, 2006 - Court TV
In this episode, drug suspects pull a gun on an officer and fire at point-blank range, a cop is ambushed by a drunken bar patron and then an armed man threatens a cashier at a grocery store. Will the store's manager attempt to take matters into his own hands? Find out on this installment of the ultimate 'caught-on-camera' reality show. TV-14 V

Episode 3: Wild Riots
Aired: October 18, 2006 - Court TV
In this episode of the reality show that is jam-packed with action-packed stories, there's an NBA championship party that threatens to erupt into a full-scale riot, a convicted murderer who goes berserk in court, and a metal band's controversial song dedication that sends audience members into a violent frenzy. The "Most Shocking" part? It's all 100% real. TV-14 V

Episode 4: Dangerous Drivers
Aired: October 25, 2006 - 8PM E/P Court TV
In this episode, a mentally unstable man goes on a rampage in a dump truck and nearly crushes two children. Then, an officer making a routine traffic stop is blindsided by a passing vehicle. Plus, teens behind the wheel of a stolen car attempt to make a getaway but meet a brutal end with a semi. TV-14 V

Episode 5: Deadly Force
Aired: November 15, 2006 - 8PM E/P Court TV
In this episode, an escaped convict fails to appreciate the irony when he starts a deadly shootout in a cemetery. Next, when a desperate fugitive refuses to surrender, will the SWAT team that is called in put him down for good? And finally, we see desperation in action when a violent collision marks the end of a car chase but the beginning of a furious gun battle. TV-14 V

Episode 6: Robberies & Holdups
Aired: November 1, 2006 - 8PM E/P Court TV
In this episode, a violent ex-con attacks an innocent restaurant patron once, but then strikes again weeks later. Next, we see a thief truly “hitting bottom” when he his plan to break through the ceiling of a liquor store falls through. And finally, it’s no bull when a band of gangsters with AK-47s open fire in a crowded jewelry shop. TV-14 L, V

Episode 7: Stopped By The Law
Aired: November 8, 2006 - 8PM E/P Court TV
A wild chase starts when a thief steals a police cruiser. Later, a former heavyweight boxer goes down for the count after refusing to comply with the cops, and a lone policeman faces off with an armed suspect during a point-blank ambush. TV-14 V

Episode 8: Undercover Stings
Aired: November 22, 2006 - 8PM E/P Court TV
In this episode, officers go undercover in the backwoods of Georgia to break-up a prescription drug ring. Next, a routine traffic stop becomes a ferocious brawl and ends with a thousand dollar drug bust. And finally, the Coast Guard is forced to employ drastic techniques when a speedboat loaded with narcotics threatens to escape. TV-14

Episode 9: Under Siege
Aired: November 29, 2006 - 8PM E/P Court TV
In this episode, cops must think on their feet when they corner a wanted fugitive in a building that goes up in flames. Next, when a father kidnaps his infant son, police have to unleash a K-9 cop to take him down without hurting the baby. Finally, two lives are at stake when a pregnant postal worker is held at gunpoint by the hijacker of a mail truck. TV-14 V

Episode 10: Criminal Behavior 2
Aired: December 6, 2006 - 8PM E/P Court TV
In this episode, a confident gunman strides into a gold shop in broad daylight, looking for a payday. Next, officers use a fake camera crew to free a hostage from a knife-wielding suspect. Finally, when a clerk is attacked by a robber, he miraculously manages to turn the tables, taking the robber down. TV-14 L, V

Episode 11: Wild Riots 2
Aired: January 3, 2007 - 8PM E/P Court TV
In this episode, when a murder suspect is brought before the judge, the victim’s family has a sentence of their own. And, armed rebels infiltrate a university protest then open fire on police. Then, a peewee football player throws a late hit and gets knocked off his feet by an irate coach. TV-14 L, V

Episode 12: High Speed Pursuits 2
Aired: January 10, 2007 - 8PM E/P Court TV
In this episode, police pursue a man in a stolen ambulance until one wrong move has him headed to the ER. Also, a reckless driver hits speeds of over a hundred miles per hour leading to a devastating head-on crash. And, when a kidnapper fires at cops out the back window, his hostage brings the chase to a surprising end. TV-14

Episode 13: Stopped By The Law 2
Aired: January 17, 2007 - 8PM E/P Court TV
In this episode, just when an officer gets one drunk driver off the road another one crashes the scene. Plus, an officer pulls over an armed ex-con and is ambushed. Then, a police officer keeps a firm grip on a suspect as he drives away and smashes head-on into a wall. TV-14 L

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