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Episode 101
NIAGARA FALLS RESCUE 3 - Niagara Falls, New York. A man is trapped, mere inches from the edge of the falls.  He spends two hours in the frigid water during the dead of winter waiting to be saved.  A helicopter attempts to rescue the man but high winds from the rotor blade knock the man down, almost sending him over the edge.

PHOENIX CONVENTION CENTER COLLAPSE - Phoenix, Arizona.  Casey Johansen is trapped under a 200-ton slab of concrete that fell and crushed his legs as he was working at the downtown Phoenix Convention Center site. The Phoenix Fire Department arrives, takes control of the situation and assigns crews in three capacities. One is beneath the collapse to prevent the damaged concrete from caving in, another is overhead and delicately cuts the concrete from around the loader to make sure nothing shifts, and another is tunneling through the debris to begin to free Casey‘s legs. It doesn’t look good; he is given and oxygen tank, an IV, 9 units of blood, and pain medication. Rescuers fear they’ll have to amputate his legs on the scene.  

ANSAL BHAVAN FIRE - New Delhi, India. An electrical fire turns a 12-story office building into a blazing inferno. Dozens of terrified workers have no choice but to climb up to the roof and wait to be rescued. Suddenly, emergency personnel spot several victims still trapped on the 6th floor pleading for help. Firefighters spray them with water in a desperate attempt to hold back the searing heat. Workers from a nearby construction site use their crane in an effort to reach the window but they come up short. A fire truck with a high-rise ladder finally arrives and it is close enough for the victims to climb down and escape safely. The victims on the roof, however, are not as easily saved. The rescue crew must rig a makeshift bridge out of rope and bamboo and stretch it across the street to the building, 120 ft in the air.  

SUBMERGED WOMAN CAN’T SWIM - Pueblo, Colorado. Charlene de Herrera is trapped inside her SUV in 10 feet of floodwater. Bystanders have to swim out to rescue her because she can’t swim! All four windows are shut tight as the car sinks under.  

SNOWBOARDER AVALANCHE WHITE OUT - Quebec, Canada. Benny Caron is a veteran snowboarder doing what he does best on Mont Albert. As he makes his way down the face of the mountain, he makes a quick cut across the snow and suddenly triggers an avalanche. Benny is in a race with the snow as it chases him down the mountain. He is lost in the white out and his friends think he has been buried alive. They rush to the mountaintop to try and find him.  

WORKERS SUCKED INTO DAM - Charlotte County, Florida. Two utility workers, James Moss and Clarence Lehew, have slipped off the dam into the churning waters of Shell Creek. Unfortunately, they were both harnessed to the metal cable that runs across the 500-foot-long, 4 1/2-foot-high dam. Because they are still attached to the cables, they are being sucked under with no ability to free themselves. Due to the overwhelming current at the foot of the dam, a rescue by boat is impossible. Their only option is to be lifted out by a Coast Guard helicopter. But it is a race against time as the rescue begins. James disappears under the water and is drowning.  

BRAZILIAN FERRIS-WHEEL FRIGHT - Campo Grande, Brazil. A young mother, Maria de Fatima, tried to get off a Ferris-Wheel and now hangs helplessly forty feet above ground. Her leg is caught in the gondola. Park employee, José Carlos, risks his own life and races up the spokes of the wheel to save Maria. Just as she begins to lose her grip he reaches her. But then she slips from his grasp. When he tries again, José’s foot slips on the bar. As he begins to fall, his legs lock around the metal spoke saving him from the fatal fall.  

COMMUNICATION TOWER RESCUE –  West Terre Haute, IN. Fire fighters respond to an emergency medical service call and discover that, while working high up on the tower, telecom employee Alan Cook suffered a debilitating brain aneurism. His life literally hangs by a thread almost five hundred feet in the air. At first, fire fighters can’t tell if this is a rescue or a recovery. But they soon find out that Alan is alive. Fire fighters Darrick Scott, Paul Watson, and Hidekatsu “Kaji” Kajitani, must free climb almost fifty stories into the air to save him. The dizzying height is just the beginning of their problems. Freezing winds drive the mercury down to a numbing negative thirty degrees. When they finally get to him, Alan doesn’t want to go down. The firefighters have to physically pry his fingers off of the tower and force him to safety. 

FLAMES ENGULF MAN FOR MINUTES - Tacoma, Washington. It’s the opening lap of a stockcar race. Every gas tank still loaded with high-octane fuel, making it the worst possible time for a crash. Three cars collide and immediately burst into flames on the track. Three drivers are trapped inside the inferno and there’s no way to reach them. Thankfully, photographer Jon Bodwell is trackside. He grabs a fire extinguisher and begins to try and douse the flames. Two drivers escape through the wall of flames. But for driver Mike Easley, it may be too late.  Suddenly, Mike crawls from the wreckage still burning alive. But Jon’s extinguisher runs out at the worst time. Knowing that Mike’s life hangs in the balance, Jon refuses to give up. He returns with another extinguisher and does not quit until finally, after a full minute and a half, the fire is out.  Mike barely clings to life.  

GREEN BAY BRIDGE JUMPING WOMAN - Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Trooper Boldt received a call from a concerned husband that his wife is out on the road and may try to end her life. The trooper spots the vehicle and begins pursuit, reaching speeds of 105 MPH. The woman stops at the top of the bridge over the Fox River. She gets out of her vehicle and walks towards the center of the bridge. Trooper Boldt fears the worst and runs toward her. He grabs her right arm just as she throws herself over the side of the bridge. But the weight is too much. Now Trooper Boldt is almost pulled over himself but his belt buckle is keeping both of them from plummeting to the street below.

TURKISH MIRACLE ESCAPE FROM FIRE - Ankara, Turkey.  A fire breaks out in an apartment building where a man is trapped inside the smoking inferno. Neighbors come to his rescue by putting a ladder from window to window. However, the man can’t wait much longer. He jumps but luckily is caught by his ankles before plummeting to the concrete below.  

LION EATS A MAN SANDWICH – Iran. A vicious lion has a deathly grip on the arm of a stage performer who attempted to begin training with the lion. The lion is angry and will not let go. The victim’s brother is standing by trying to force the lion off his screaming brother but every time the lion moves, the teeth go deeper into his arm and his bones crunch louder and louder.

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