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Propagate & Nash Entertainment Seal Partnership Ahead Of Mipcom
Ben Silverman and Howard T Owens’ indie studio Propagate Content has inked a worldwide production and distribution deal with Bruce Nash’s Nash Entertainment. The plan is for Propogate to mine Nash’s TV library of series including reality fare like For Love or Money and Who Wants to Marry My Dad? to be redeveloped and reshaped for U.S. and international markets. They also will team on new scripted and unscripted content with Propagate producing and handling distribution of the formats and finished programs.

10 Things I Hate About The Game I Love
I have enjoyed a lifelong love affair with baseball. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of collecting baseball cards (with the pink bubble gum), getting autographs of countless players during Spring Training (I still have every one), pouring through the pages of Hy Turkin's old Baseball Encyclopedia and playing simulated baseball board games like APBA for hours on end.

One Night At Dodger Stadium, The Young Taught A Lesson In Giving
This is not a Christmas story, though it is about giving. It is about doing the right thing, about how the youngest of us can sometimes offer a shining light.

Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo's THE BASEBALL HALL OF SHAME: THE BEST OF BLOOPERSTOWN Inducts the Babe Ruth Blunder That Cost the Yankees the World Series
The game of baseball has seen its share of memorable postseason mishaps, but Babe Ruth's World Series baserunning blunder tops the list, according to Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo, authors ofThe Baseball Hall of Shame: The Best of Blooperstown.

Cynopsis - Sports: The Baseball Hall of Shame: The Best of Blooperstown
As we prepare to close out the MLB regular season, Cynopsis Sports caught up with Bruce Nash, CEO/President of Nash Entertainment and creator/executive producer of more than 80 TV series ranging from "Amazing Sports Stories" to "Before They Were Stars" to "Modern Marvels." Nash recently revamped an older franchise, not on TV but as a book, writing-with Allan Zullo-The Baseball Hall of Shame: The Best of Blooperstown.

The laughs and gaffes have been tallied and Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo, co-authors of the outrageously funny new book, The Baseball Hall of Shame: The Best of Blooperstown (Lyons Press), announce the line-up for the first annual “Blooperstown All-Star Team” honoring the flip side of Major League Baseball.  Fans were invited to vote for their favorite bloopers and bungled plays.

Send Your Baseball Bloopers For 1st Annual ‘Blooperstown All Star Team’
Baseball fans may have heard about the hilarious blooper book Baseball Hall Of Shame: The Best Of Blooperstown, which highlights the funniest gaffes and tales in baseball from 1885 all the way to 2011.

It’s that time of year again when baseball fans across the country vote for the best and the brightest - the All-Stars. For the players that don’t make the cut, Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo, co-authors of the outrageous new book The Baseball Hall of Shame: The Best of Blooperstown (Lyons Press), announce the First Annual “Blooperstown All-Star Team.”

Review - The Baseball Hall Of Shame: The Best Of Blooperstown
When a book reaches across generations and becomes a shared experience for fathers and their children - think Goodnight Moon, or Where the Wild Things Are - it takes a special place in the culture. The baseball version of this, just in time for Father's Day, must surely be the Baseball Hall of Shame series, which for 27 years has brought laughter to many a household.

Sports Fans will love "The Baseball Hall of Shame: The Best of Blooperstown"
A reality show producer branches out to create a passion project with "The Baseball Hall of Shame" series, a humorous look at the sport's major gaffes.


The Baseball Hall Of Shame: The Best Of Blooperstown

From 1985 to 1992, Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo authored “The Baseball Hall of Shame” series which were a collection of baseball “goofs and gaffes” tales from Major League Baseball history.  If you’ve ever read any of these books, you know that they’re full of fun stuff for baseball fans.

On The Subject Of... shares another hysterical story from Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo's The Baseball Hall Of Shame: The Best Of Blooperstown.

Baseball Bloopers Pitched to Sports Networks

Veteran reality TV producer Bruce Nash is back at bat. Nash, whose credits include For Love or Money and the infamous "Masked Magician" series Magic's Biggest Secrets Revealed, is about to meet with cable networks about turning his book, The Baseball Hall of Shame, into a regular TV series.

Eventful Mother's Day for Mrs. Feller

Cleveland Indians legend Bob Feller helped give his mother an unwanted - and painful - Mother's Day Gift in 1939.

"The Baseball Hall Of Shame: The Best Of Blooperstown" By Bruce Nash And Allan Zullo: Baseball Book Review

Part of our love of baseball, is the art of storytelling. Talking about strange and interesting facts, side stories and statistics. In today’s baseball book review, I have uncovered a gem of a book that contains baseball information that will leave you laughing and fascinated for hours. 

Book Recommendation
When Ken Levine packs to travel, he doesn't leave home without his copy of The Baseball Hall Of Shame: The Best Of Blooperstown by Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo.

Where Have You Gone, Marvelous Marv?
As the new major league season gets underway, we fans will once again rejoice over the sweetest words in the English language: "Play ball!"

Nine To Know: Let's Play Bingo
Bill Chuck explores a fun, for the most part schadenfreudian, game called Bingo Batting Averages created by Bruce Nash, who co-authors the Baseball Hall Of Shame series with Allan Zullo.

Baseball Hall Of Shame II
According to Lyons Press' new book, "
The Baseball Hall of Shame: The Best of Blooperstown" by Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo, Ping Bodie's real name was Francesco Stephano Pezzolo -- and yes, he loved his pasta.

Two Of The Strangest Home Runs You'll Ever Hear About
They say baseball was a different game in the 19th century -- after all, you just don't see players being chased by horses these days.

MLB: The Baseball Hall Of Shame Returns To Bookshelves
Now, twenty years after inducting their last class, authors Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo return with The Baseball Hall of Shame: The Best of Blooperstown.

A New Season Brings New Baseball Book
Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo are back and no one is safe.

The Baseball Hall Of Shame: Weird Tales From America's Pastime
According to Lyons Press' new book, "The Baseball Hall of Shame: The Best of Blooperstown" by Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo, one of Bob Feller's pitches was fouled off by Marv Owen -- into the seats and into the face of one Mrs. Feller.

Funny Ball: Baseball's Strangest Moments
With the A's and Mariners playing ball in Tokyo, baseball season is here... if a little early and in the middle of the night.

Dodgers Now: Jerry Hairston Jr.'s Bid To Join Baseball's Hall Of Shame
Utility man Jerry Hairston Jr., who had been out over the weekend with a sore quad, is scheduled to return against the Indians on Monday, this time as a shortstop.

Back At Bat: Nash Fields New Volume Of Baseball Book
Just in time for the start of baseball season, producer Bruce Nash has returned to his roots to field a new volume of "The Baseball Hall of Shame."

Move Over, Mel Gibson: Nash Entertainment Developing Rival Judah Maccabee Project
Producer Bruce Nash is pulling together a version of the Hanukkah origin story for a potential feature or TV miniseries.

Nash Entertainment's "Home Movies" Gets Writer/Director
DreamWorks has hired Tom McCarthy to do the rewrite on this supernatural project.


Bruce Nash's Modern Marvel
A 500-eposode idea can come out of nowhere. Just ask Bruce Nash, the prolific producer whose many TV credits inclue the cable staple that is "Modern Marvels".


Lyons Enters the Hall of Shame
Bruce Nash and Allen Zullo are writing the latest edition of "The Baseball Hall of Shame," featuring the wacky things that have taken place in baseball over the past 20 years.


Fox 2000 buys pitch for 'Glee' guy Cory Monteith
Glee star Cory Monteith is at the center of a pitch deal that just went down at Fox 2000. Bruce Nash and Robert Kosberg will produce along with Monteith.

Nash incubates 'Dreamland'
Nash Entertainment is going to "Dreamland," developing a biopic about the man who popularized baby incubators from a script by Christopher Murphey ("The Karate Kid").

DreamWorks cuing up ‘Home Movies’ with writer Jared Stern
Jared Stern has been hired to write the family comedy “Home Movies” for DreamWorks Studios, with Shawn Levy producing. The idea was originally hatched inside the studio, and Stern came aboard to help develop and write it. Nash Entertainment’s Bruce Nash and Bob Kosberg are producing with Levy.

The Countdown Begins in October On truTV's New Series TOP 20 MOST SHOCKING
Of all the extreme college pranks, harrowing escapes from death, and brainless stunts captured on video, which one is the very best? truTV sets out to answer that question with its newest original series: TOP 20 MOST SHOCKING. Building on the success of truTV's pulse-pounding hit series MOST SHOCKING, this new series, produced by Nash Entertainment, ramps up the stakes, introducing a weekly countdown of the 20 best, all new, caught-on-tape moments that will leave no jaw un-dropped.

Phillips taps scribes for 'Staycation'
Warner Bros. has hired Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay to write "Staycation," a film that Todd Phillips will produce through his WB-based Green Hat Films banner. Bruce Nash and Robert Kosberg will executive produce.
Short and funny clips fuel a long and serious career
Bruce Nash's clip shows on pets gone bad and cheating spouses used to prompt TV executives to apologize publicly, but appreciate the good ratings privately. Now, thanks to the video-clip craze, Nash's shows are on multiple networks and in multiple countries.
"Amazing Sports Stories": Sports Emmy noms amaze producer Bruce Nash
Before Bruce Nash became a prolific producer of unscripted television, he was a prolific author of books, mostly about sports. He wrote and co-wrote numerous titles, many of them compilations of stories that epitomize the nature of various sports and the personalities that make them tick. Every one of his books ("Baseball Hall of Shame," "Amazing But True Fishing Stories," "Amazing But True Dog Tales," etc.), even the light-hearted "Sports Hall of Shame" series, required a ton of research.

New Discovery Channel Show Goes for 'Rush'
Discovery Channel is pushing the action with a new series called "Adrenaline Rush Hour." The series from Nash Entertainment—best known for its reality shows "World’s Most Amazing Videos" for Spike TV and "Most Shocking" for truTV—goes beyond explosions, rescues and stunts gone wrong, said network President and General Manager John Ford.

Nash loosening his grip on reality
Veteran reality TV producer Bruce Nash is expanding his Nash Entertainment into scripted series and features. The first property Nash hopes to turn into a series or a feature is "Masked Magician," an upcoming Virgin Comics graphic novel about a man who uses illusions to fight crime. "Magician" is inspired by the lead character in Nash's five unscripted "Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed" specials, which aired on Fox in the late 1990s and are now being rebroadcast on MyNetworkTV.

New practice for Dr. Heigl: film producer
Katherine Heigl, who already has navigated the transition from television to film, is ready to embark on a new role as producer. Heigl and her manager and mother, Nancy Heigl, have formed a production shingle and set up an untitled action-comedy at Fox 2000 that also will serve as an acting vehicle for the actress. Bruce Nash and Robert Kosberg will produce in association with Spyglass Entertainment.

Nash waves wand over magic tale
Nash Entertainment is resurrecting the Masked Magician -- but this time as the lead character in a graphic novel to be produced by Virgin Comics. The Masked Magician was the star of Nash's five "Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed" specs, which scored big ratings for Fox in the late 1990s.

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