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About the Show
On a dark Texas back road, an officer pulls over a man for speeding. He doesn’t realize that he’s just stopped an armed ex-con…one that’s willing to kill a cop rather than return to prison!

A gunman holds a female truck driver at gunpoint. Surrounded by cops, the deranged man orders his hostage to make one final call to her children…forcing her to grab his gun in a life and death struggle!

A modern day Bonnie and Clyde open fire on a deputy – but the fearless cop keeps his cool and shoots out their tires at eighty miles an hour!

MOST SHOCKING is the ultimate "caught-on-camera" crime reality show, featuring the most shocking, high adrenaline, action packed crime footage you will ever witness! The highly rated and critically acclaimed MOST SHOCKING allows viewers to ride along on a pulse-pounding pursuit, to feel the gut-wrenching drama of a tense hostage standoff, or even get a chilling glimpse of a life and death shootout.

But there’s more!

Each one-hour episode features dramatic first-hand accounts from everyday citizens and law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line in the struggle to protect and serve!

Nash Entertainment, a pioneer in reality television, has worked closely with law enforcement to produce a wide variety of programs, including World’s Most Amazing Videos, World’s Scariest Police Shootouts, and World’s Worst Drivers, to name a few.

Thirteen episodes of MOST SHOCKING premiered on Court TV in October 2006, consistently earning the night's highest ratings for the network as part of its R.E.D. block.

MOST SHOCKING promises to further enhance the network's growing popularity as a destination for viewers seeking Real, Exciting and Dramatic programming. Some of the themes in the series include the following:

  • Police Shootouts
  • Under The Influence
  • Dangerous Drivers
  • Traffic Stops Gone Bad
  • Hostage Standoffs
  • Dumb Criminals
  • High Speed Chases
  • Citizens Fighting Back
  • Robberies and Hold Ups
  • Criminals Out Of Control
  • Fights and Wild Riots
  • Undercover Stings & Drug Busts
  • Lawless Ladies
  • And more!

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