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Episode Guide
Episode 101: "Bert Shepard: The Dream That Wouldn’t Die"
Airdate: December 30, 2007 - FSN
A WWII veteran who lost his leg in the war achieves his dream of pitching in the Major Leagues.

Episode 102: "Billy Miske: Dead Man Fighting"
Airdate: April 13, 2008 - FSN
Heavyweight boxer Billy Miske climbs out of his deathbed for one last fight to give his family their best Christmas ever... and dies days later.

Episode 103: "Blackie Schwamb: The Greatest Prison Baseball Player of All Time"
Airdate: April 26, 2008 - FSN
A baseball pitcher battles his inner demons and loses, cutting short his once promising Major League career and instead landing in prison for murder. He becomes the greatest prison pitcher of all-time, but is left to wonder what might have been.

Episode 104: "The Steagles: When Rivals Became Teammates"
Airdate: TBD - FSN
During WWII, two NFL teams merge to form one team that is led by two coaches who hate each other and whose roster includes rejects from the armed forces. Yet this squad bands together, exemplifying the same American spirit that won the war, to overcome adversity and post a winning record, saving Pro Football in the process.

Episode 105: "Joe Jennette: The Boxer Who Refused To Quit"
Airdate: TBD - FSN
An African-American boxer was a real-life "Rocky," who in 1909 was knocked down 27 times in one bout... yet still won the fight after 49 rounds!

Episode 106: "Jackie Mitchell: The Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth"
Airdate: TBD - FSN
The girl baseball pitcher who, pitching against the legendary New York Yankees, struck out two of the greatest players of all-time, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.

Episode 107: "Mysterious Montague: Golf's Greatest Con Man"
Airdate: TBD - FSN
Mysterious Montague could have been one of the greatest golfers of all-time, but instead was a con man and golf trickster who befriended Hollywood’s elite during its Golden Era.

Episode 108: "The San Francisco Dons: The Color of Courage"
Airdate: TBD - FSN
The 1951 University of San Francisco football team goes undefeated, yet is denied a bowl game invitation because of its two African-American players, Ollie Matson and Burl Toler. The team, given a chance to play without their two teammates, sticks together and refuses to leave any players behind. The team gives up glory for honor, and in doing so, created friendships more memorable than any bowl victory.

Episode 109: "Bob Aspromonte: Blind Faith"
Airdate: TBD - FSN
Bob Aspromonte, a Major Leaguer, befriends a young fan of his who is blinded by lightning. Despite being just a line drive hitter, Aspromonte lifts the boy’s spirits by hitting not just one home run for him... but three!

Episode 110: "Eddie Waitkus: The Real Roy Hobbs"
Airdate: TBD - FSN
A military hero and young baseball star attracts the attention of a dangerous fan: a teenage girl who guns him down. But the resilient Eddie Waitkus survives and recovers, making it back to the big leagues and leading his team to the World Series. You’ve heard about "The Natural" and met the imaginary Roy Hobbs. Now meet the real thing: Meet Eddie Waitkus.

Episode 111: "Lawrence Lemieux: The Ultimate Sacrifice"
Airdate: TBD - FSN
Lawrence Lemieux, an aspiring sailor, gives up his lifelong dream of winning Olympic gold to save the lives of two sailors drowning at sea, epitomizing the Olympic spirit.

Episode 112: "Lester Patrick: The Old Man in the Net"
Airdate: TBD - FSN
A sports tale for the ages is born In the 1928 Stanley Cup finals. An injury to the New York Rangers goalie forces Lester Patrick, the Rangers coach and the patriarch of Hockey’s Royal Family, back into the net. At age 44, he rallies his young team to victory and captures the franchise’s first ever championship.

Episode 113: "Ben Malcolmson: The Write Stuff"
Airdate: TBD - FSN
Ben Malcolmson, a USC college student and reporter for the school paper, goes to walk-on football try-outs to get a story…and gets a lot more than he expected. Ben makes the team and even plays in a game, completing the feel-good story and becoming a modern day "Rudy."

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