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Every sports fan knows the stories about the greats of the games-- Jackie Robinson, Joe Montana, Muhammad Ali, Jim Thorpe. But what about those little-known athletes whose amazing stories have never been told? Like Bert Shepard, the only man to play in a major league baseball game-- on an artificial leg!... Con man golfer Mysterious Montague, who would sucker unsuspecting marks into big stakes matches, then easily beat them using a shovel, a rake and a baseball bat to hit the ball!... Boxer Billy Miske, who arose off his death bed at Christmastime to win the biggest fight of his life!

Part movie, part documentary, the series features incredible but true human interest stories that will touch the heart and soul of every sports fan. Each half hour installment in the 13-episode series will focus on a different athlete whose unbelievable story has been lost to the annals of time.

The series was created by Bruce Nash, who wrote more than 30 books on sports including The Greatest Sports Stories Never Told and who produced The Fritz Pollard Story for ESPN that helped a forgotten football star get elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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