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Lyons Enters the Hall of Shame

Doug Grad of the Doug Grad Literary Agency was an editor of the Hall of Shame series during its heyday in the late 1980s and early 1990s; now he is helping to bring the franchise back, selling world rights to the tentatively titled The Baseball Hall of Shame's Most Outrageous Moments of All Time to Lyons Press editor Keith Wallman. The coauthors of the series, Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo, are writing the new book. Wallman, a fan of the original books, which include football, golf, and basketball as well as baseball, said the latest edition contains goofy batting moments, base-running fiascoes, and the dumbest baseball promotions among the wacky things that have taken place in the American pastime over the past 20 years. A March 2012 pub date is planned. 

Publisher's Weekly, "Deals: Week of 3/28/11" 
By Rachel Deahl (@deahlsdeals) 

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