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New Discovery Channel Show Goes for 'Rush'
"Adrenaline Rush Hour" premieres Friday, January 30

Discovery Channel is pushing the action with a new series called "Adrenaline Rush Hour."

The series from Nash Entertainment—best known for its reality shows "World’s Most Amazing Videos" for Spike TV and "Most Shocking" for truTV—goes beyond explosions, rescues and stunts gone wrong, said network President and General Manager John Ford.

"In true Discovery style, we take viewers behind the scenes, so they feel like they are there and experiencing it first-hand," he said.

The show is designed to combine the visceral reality of the most harrowing moments ever caught on tape with the revelations of what went wrong and why.

Among the scenes in the series are a race-car diver crashing into a barrier at 120 miles an hour and a kite-boarder's body slamming into a seaside house.

Some of these disasters are simply accidents, but some are the result of foolish behavior.

"It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, but amazingly—even miraculously—everyone survives their harrowing ordeal," said Bruce Nash, executive producer.

The series begins airing Jan. 30 at 9 p.m. ET.

Other executive producers for Nash are Andrew Jebb, Debra Weeks, Matt Harris and Tammy Wood. Tracy Rudolph is supervising producer for Discovery Channel.

By Jon Lafayette, "TV Week"

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