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In case you are curious, Stephen Strasburg is striking out 29.3% of the batters he’s facing this season. You know, Strasburg lost his first game this week after it was found that he had gotten some Icy Hot in a spot that he wished he hadn’t. Which brings me to a story from Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo‘s new book, The Baseball Hall of Shame – The Best of Blooperstown. The book is what I call a “waiting room book” which is a nicer way than when I described my book, Walkoffs, Last Licks, and Final Outs, as a “bathroom book.” The point is both books are great when you have a few minutes to kill. Baseball Hall of Shame is filled with great anecdotes including the one about how David Ortiz when he was the Twins DH would ravage teammates Torii Hunter and Corey Koskie‘s clothes when they were in the field. Big Papi used to like to cut the toes off their socks in their lockers so when they put them on after the game their feet would go right through them. Koskie retaliated by smearing peanut butter in Ortiz’s underwear when the big guy was in the shower. Ortiz got even by lubricating Koskie’s underwear with Icy Hot before a road trip. They continued their hijinks even after Ortiz joined the Red Sox. One time in the Metrodome, Ortiz went from the visitor’s clubhouse into the Twins locker room and filled the only street shoes that Koskie had brought to the ballpark with juice and peanut butter. Get the book, it’s fun and I heartily recommend it.

By Bill Chuck,
Published: Fri. May 18, 2012

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